XTeam Software Solutions

Serious Gaming and Participant Incentivisation


Via Luigi Einaudi 99
45100 Rovigo

Web: www.xteamsoftware.com
Twitter: @XteamSoftware

XTeam Software Solutions

XTeam, based in Italy, has been operating as game production company for the past 20 years. The company specialises in the design and development of entertainment. They develop software, video games, educational software, multimedia and serious games for desktop, mobile, web and consoles. They focus on the development of algorithms, engines and visual technologies for marketing and entertainment. XTeam’s priorities include technological innovation and social justice, and they design ethical games.

XTeam carries out both commercial and research activities in the area of gamification. The company is active in EU-funded research projects, such as in 3D-Tune-In, where gamification techniques are used to help fine tuning hearing aids. XTeam’s slogan is “Games are for everyone”.

Role in the project

XTeam will lead the work on incentivising citizens’ participation in Scent. They will oversee and lead the design and implementation of each component of the work package. XTeam will also lead an initial phase where best practices will be identified, and contribute to the definition of the game mechanisms and the citizen engagement strategy.