Crowdsourcing Platform Development and Scent Toolbox Requirements


Via Antonio da Trento, 8/2
38122 Trento

Web: www.u-hopper.com
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U-Hopper is a research-intensive high-tech SME founded in 2010 and headquartered in the Trentino area in Italy. The company provides big data-enabled solutions and technologies to the government, retail and marketing sectors. It builds its solutions on the concept of fully exploiting the information and knowledge hidden in the enormous amount of data that can be collected using mobile devices and Internet-of-Things technology. Using cutting-edge data mining techniques and data analytics tools, U-Hopper’s solutions enable customers to identify and extract relevant patterns that can be applied to a variety of domains. These include mobile advertising, environmental monitoring in-store analytics and citizen-centric participatory services.

U-Hopper is a spin-off of the international research centre CREATE-NET. U-Hopper focuses on the design, prototyping and evaluation of innovative distributed and mobile sensing solutions. U-Hopper solutions target both public bodies as well as organisations in the private sector. UH’s staff has significant experience in the design of participatory platforms and services.

Role in the project

U-Hopper will lead the development of an innovative crowd-sourcing platform to be used in the Scent pilot sites for monitoring land use change. They will steer the analysis of requirements and platform design, features development and integration activities as well as the activities that will enable the customisation of the platform at the pilot sites. Furthermore, U-Hopper will lead the exploitation and sustainability activities aimed at maximising the ability of partners to jointly achieve a long-standing impact on science, technology and society. With extensive experience in the analysis of requirements for ICT-centric projects, U-Hopper will also lead the identification and analysis of requirements for the Scent toolbox.