Danube Delta National Institute

Danube Delta National Institute

Scent Toolbox Requirements and Architecture


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DDNI, established in 1970, is a Romanian State-owned public institution under the authority of Education and Scientific Research Ministry. It focuses on basic and applied research in the field of ecology and environmental protection. The institute provides scientific support for the management of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (DDBR) and other wetland areas of national and international interest for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. Since 2009, the institute has been a sub-unit of the National Institute for Research and Development for Environmental Protection.

The DDNI has extensive experience in leading multidisciplinary projects across a range of issues, including environmental impact assessment, environmental protection, geographic information systems and sustainable use. They also have considerable expertise in land use analysis by earth observation. Furthermore, the DDNI has participated in numerous EU FP projects and other EU-funded interregional projects, such as NATURNET – REDIME, GEM-CON-BIO and DANUBEPARKS. The institute’s expertise and potential was recognised at European level in 2000 when it was selected as a Centre of Excellence for Deltas and Wetlands within the European Commission’s Centres of Excellence Programme.

Role in the project

The Danube Delta National Institute (DDNI) will lead the work package on the Scent toolbox requirements and architecture. The institute will play a key role in defining end-user and stakeholder needs relevant for the Scent toolbox in order to form an active and self-sustainable citizen observatory. It will collect information on existing in-situ monitoring systems in the Danube Delta pilot site and organise workshops/interviews to identify knowledge and information gaps relevant to the pilot. DDNI has vast experience in research on environmental issues relevant to the Danube Delta. It will provide the GEOSS portal with valuable information on flood hazards and vulnerability in the test area of the Danube Delta.