Romanian Ornithological Society

Scent Toolbox Architecture Volunteer Perspective


Bd. Hristo Botev, nr.3, ap. 6
030231, Sector 3, Bucharest


Romanian Ornithological Society

SOR is a non-profit Romanian NGO that protects birds and nature with the support of members, volunteers, donations and project based funding. The organisation has established itself as a key stakeholder for species preservation around the Danube Delta. They have a nationwide presence in Romania through local branches and school groups. SOR advises and on local, regional and national protection of birds and raises public awareness on the importance and value of birds and habitats as natural capital.

They have important links with other local stakeholders, other NGOs and public organisations for the protection of the Danube Delta reserve as well as a strong interest and extensive experience in the impact of climate change on natural reserves in general. The organisation lobbies the Government to ensure compliance with and implementation of national and EU level environmental legislation. SOR has been a national partner organisation of BirdLife International since 1997.

Role in the project

The Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR) will play a key role in the work on the Scent toolbox requirements and architecture. SOR will provide the perspective of a volunteer-based citizen association that focuses on the protection of birds and the natural environment in general. Their input is key to finding the optimal characteristics of a ‘citizen observatory’, especially with respect to the crowd-sourcing and gaming app features relevant to their use by NGOs and volunteer organisations. SOR will also lead the task that aims to describe and benchmark available in-situ monitoring systems in the pilot sites. They will be in charge of organising the Danube Delta pilot.