Region of Attica

Scent Toolbox Requirements and Architecture


15-17, Syngrou Avenue
11743, Athens


The Attica region is a second level local government organisation, governing the wider area of the Athens metropolis. It consists of eight Regional Divisions: Central Athens, Southern Athens, Northern Athens, Western Athens, Piraeus, Saronic Islands, Western Attica and Eastern Attica. The Attica region consists of around 4 million citizens and is organised as a metropolitan region. The organisation plans and implements policies at regional level within its jurisdiction, in compliance with the principles of sustainable development and social cohesion of the Greek state.

The Region of Attica is responsible for implementing strategic plans and for detailing the guidelines of environmental policies at regional level. The Region of Attica has also participated in several interregional co-operation projects in the field of environmental protection.

Role in the project

The Region of Attica will contribute greatly to the work on the Scent toolbox requirements and architecture. The organisation will provide the perspective of a regional public authority on the optimal characteristics of a ‘citizen observatory’. Their input will be central with respect to the tool providing an enhanced flood risk map relevant to the Kifisos pilot as well as the crowd-sourcing and gaming apps of the Scent toolbox. Attica will also lead the Integration and real-life large scale demonstrations work package and coordinate the pilot trials in Kifisos.