Project Deliverables

Scent Project Deliverables

Download links to project deliverable summaries and full PDF deliverables.

D1.1 Scent Stakeholder Analysis and End User Needs and Requirements Download »
D1.2 Benchmarking of available in-situ infrastructure Download »
D1.3 Scent toolbox system requirements Download summary »
D1.4 Scent toolbox system architecture definition Download summary »
D2.1 Scent Brand strategy Download »
D2.3 Best Practices in Serious Games Download »
D2.4 Game design document and engagement strategy Download summary »
D4.1 Scent Crowd-sourcing Platform Design Download summary »
D5.1 SIE service internal requirements, analysis and architectural design Download summary »
D6.1 Report on the developed models for the two pilots using existing data (hydrodynamic model for Danube Delta and hydrological model for Kifisos) Download summary »
D8.1 Project website Download »
D8.2 Communication strategy and plan Download »
D8.3 Data Management Plan and POPD Requirements Download summary »
D8.4 Plan for the Dissemination and Commercial Exploitation of the Project’s Results (Intermediate Report) Download summary »
D8.5 Information Packs for Citizen led communities, networks and associations Download »
D9.1 Internal website and collaborative tool Download summary »
D9.2 Risk and quality procedures manual Download summary »
D9.3 Ethical issues clearance plan Download summary »