The Scent Newsletter makes its Summer debut





In July, our new Scent Newsletter officially launched, with issue #1 providing an in-depth overview of the science behind the Scent project, a summary of the second Scent plenary meeting in Rome, and more.

Following a video intro from Scent Coordinator Dr. Angelos Amditis of ICCS, the newsletter leads with an infographic breakdown of how technology is used in the project. It highlights the journey of data collected by citizens for the project and how it will be put to good use. The infographic also details the sensors and observational technology used to record results in the environmental study areas within Greece and Romania, to identify changes in flooding patterns.

As well as looking at the science behind Scent, the first edition of our newsletter gives an update on the second Scent plenary meeting of partners in Rome and the European GEO workshop for developments in environmental monitoring in Helsinki.

The newsletter also acts as one-stop-shop for upcoming events of interest, and provides links to our partner projects within Horizon 2020’s Citizen Science theme.

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Our next edition will be released in the Autumn season. Until then, enjoy our launch issue!

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