Scent partners gather in Dublin for first plenary project meeting

Scent project partners were met with unusually dry Dublin conditions for the Scent project’s first plenary meeting, which featured presentations and discussions on project progress.

Partners from the Scent pilot areas; the Danube river delta (Romania), and the Kifisos river (Greece), presented the latest on their progress. Iulian Nichersu of DDNI emphasised the importance of the Tulcea and Athens focus groups that took place last November in painting a complete picture of the user requirements to consider for Scent.

Andreas Kallioras of ICCS focused on the history and characteristics of flood events in Kifisos, Greece, highlighting the effects of 150 years of urbanisation on flooding patterns and frequency.

Amy Hume of Carr Communications presented her research on citizens’ attitudes and behaviours towards the environment, providing insights from the discussions in the focus group meetings in Romania and Greece.

Luca Simeone and Stefano Tamascelli of XTeam jointly presented their work on gamification to incentivise involvement in Scent.

George Athanasiou of ICCS gave an overview of a survey on existing portable sensors for measuring related environmental parameters, such as soil moisture, water temperature and level.

Benjamin Cohen of IBM focused on the requirements of the Scent Intelligence Engine in terms of how the engine needs to be trained to provide an accurate classification of different crowd-sourced images.

The UNESCO-IHE team presented their work in the analysis of the Danube Delta pilot and explained the steps taken to set up the hydrodynamic models for determining the flooding patterns.

Day two featured a series of workshops, opening the floor to partners to engage in interesting discussions and debates.

U-Hopper and Carr Communications led a workshop on system requirements for the Scent toolbox, with Carr presenting the personas system, which identifies the different types of personalities that may use the Scent toolbox. U-Hopper provided an overview of the different system requirements, discussing challenges foreseen and linking them to the user requirements and needs.

XTeam led a workshop where Stefano Tamascelli gave the partners a snapshot of the developed user interfaces of the SCENT games.

Partners also discussed the SCENT system architecture, considering the interfaces between the SCENT toolbox components and required external inputs and outputs.

Scent project manager Athanasia Tsertou closed the meeting, thanking partners for their participation.

Stay tuned to our Scent website and our Twitter page for more updates!

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