Scent partner U-Hopper attends Commonfare Trentino

What fundamentally links Scent to a diverse set of EU-funded research projects and to a global movement/campaign is the theme of citizen science and its development as a citizen observatory project.

Last month, Andrea Cuoghi from Scent partner organisation U-Hopper, attended a round table with EU-funded digital platform Commonfare and local stakeholders in Trentino (Italy) in the interest of Scent and with the importance of making citizen observatory digital tools available to people across Europe in mind, to further develop projects like Scent.

Commonfare round table discussion

Commonfare is an online platform, which provide tools, data and good practices for people across Europe to use, to maximize the potential of welfare provision.

Connecting with other people, organisations and networks across Europe via this platform allows a collaborative approach to be taken in solving the gaps in social welfare across Europe.

Andrea attended the Commonfare launch event to find if collective environmental care taking, such as citizen observatory projects like Scent, could be added to the social themes that Commonfare is focusing in its project development. Unfortunately, at this stage citizen observatories for science and research won’t be included alongside the main project themes of work, social service, housing, mobility, education and cultural events.

However, this could be included in the next research phase on collaborative practice within Commonfare.

Andrea attended on behalf of U-Hopper also, who are developing the crowd-sourcing platform for Scent, the technology that will allow people across Europe to make meaningful contributions to land-use governance, sending a message to environmental policy makers.

Commonfare was a distinctly interesting event for an ICT-solutions company like U-Hopper to attend, due to the event’s focus on digital innovations for solving social welfare issues.

For more information on Commonfare, click here.

For more information on U-Hopper, click here.

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