Scent at the First Italian Citizen Science Conference in Rome

The First Italian Citizen Science Conference was held at the headquarters of the Italian National Research Council in Rome 23-25 November 2017.

The conference constitutes the first Italian national initiative addressing Citizen Science. The event placed special emphasis on environmental sciences and offered an arena for a broad range of activities designed to facilitate knowledge sharing and the exchange of best practices and perspectives and discussions on programmes, methods etc.

Scent was represented by project partners from XTeam Software Solutions srls, U-Hopper srl and ICCS. XTeam and U-Hopper submitted an abstract and presented a joint poster on the use of gamification techniques in this type of project. The title of the poster was Scent Citizen Observatories: Considerations on the use of gamification in citizen science projects. The poster was authored by Luca Simeone, Stefano Tamascelli and Daniele Miorandi, and received very positive feedback from the conference participants. ICCS submitted an abstract and a well-received poster on the Scent Toolbox System Architecture, authored jointly by a group of Scent partners from ICCS, U-Hopper, IBM, XTeam and IHE Delft.

The event was promoted by the Italian National Academy of Sciences known as the Academy of the XL, the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and LifeWatch-ITA, and organised in partnership with the Italian Association of Scientific Museums, the European Citizen Science Association, the Museum of Natural History of the Maremma, the Italian Long-term Ecological Research Network and CSMON-Life.

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