Scent at SCI:COM 2017 in Dublin

Scent participated in SCI:COM, the largest science communication event in Ireland, on Thursday 7th December 2017.

This year, the focus of SCI:COM was on involvement and collaboration in research. The conference offered a full day of thought-provoking discussions and talks by inspirational speakers on engaging topics. Key questions included how to successfully work with the public, how to get new people on board and how to widen the engagement with communities we don’t currently reach. As Scent is all about involving citizens in science, SCI:COM was highly relevant to the project and offered new insights into citizen engagement strategies.   

The programme included breakout sessions on engagement, involvement and collaboration. They were interactive and allowed all attendees to ask questions and share ideas with each other and the panel. The engagement session discussed techniques to successfully engage with and listen to different audiences, the involvement session focused on why and how to involve ‘outsiders’ in science and the collaboration session reflected over the secrets to successful collaboration across disciplines, stakeholders and industry.

Scent was represented at the event by dissemination partner Linda Henriksson from Carr Communications.

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