Riccardo Braga from XTeam Software reviews Nordic Game Conference

From Wednesday, 17 May to Friday, 19 May 2017, Riccardo Braga, our colleague from partner organisation XTeam Software, travelled north to Malmö, Sweden for the annual Nordic Game conference. One of the leading European gaming conferences, the event boasts high-profile keynote speakers and focused talks on industry matters including mobile gaming and VR, as well as industry-insider networking sessions.

Riccardo attended the 13th edition of the Nordic Game conference and, of previous gaming conferences, he found this to be the most video-game focused he had attended.

“We attended Nordic Game 2017 for the indie developers’ part of the conference,” he said. “The exhibitors were very much a younger demographic, with versions of their work on display and open to be played for all attendees. It was a great way to network.”

Riccardo was not only attending to represent XTeam and their work, but also to present Scent, its relevance to the Nordic Game conference as a gamification project, and how its social impact sets it apart:

“What set us apart from the other developers attending was the Scent project. Even if at first people were a little unsure about what we are doing in Scent, after an explanation of how gamification will work within the project, as well as an overview of similar European projects we are part of for context, they were both surprised and interested.”

The goal of social impact for Scent, as well as the element of a fun video-game app for people across Europe, is certainly a distinguishing aspect of the project – the purpose of helping your local environment, while also enjoying playing a game, is an important combination.

“The games displayed for the conference attendees were mainly for fun and in us they saw something both fun and useful. I personally hope to come back next year,” said Riccardo.

In between showcasing the ideas of the Scent project and networking with other game development studios, Riccardo also made sure to capture the event on his camera – have a look at some of his photos from the conference below.

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