Scent and Citizen Observatories

Scent is part of a growing citizen science movement to address critical environmental challenges and to provide citizen-centered solutions.

Scent is one of five research projects funded by the European Union that have come together to release a new ‘one-pager’ introductory paper to the benefits and importance of citizen science.

The five projects – Scent, LandSense, Ground Truth 2.0, Grow Observatory and WeObserve – are Citizen Science Observatories relying on the involvement of citizens to collect data about the environment around us. This data is extremely valuable, as it can help scientists and policymakers develop solutions to some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing the world today.

You can now view the new one-pager here: One Page Briefing Note_ Citizen Observatories

To learn more about Scent, click here.

To learn more about the Grow Observatory, click here.

To learn more about LandSense, click here.

To learn more about Ground Truth 2.0, click here.

To learn more about WeObserve, click here.

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