Newsletter #3 – Winter 2018

Newsletter #3

Winter 2018

Scent Charter

Scent Charter

The Scent Charter is a dynamic, changing and evolving set of principles, attributes and associated key words that represent the essence of Scent and the participation of you, the public, in achieving the project aims.

The Charter takes the form of a “word cloud” which is revised and re-presented on a regular basis based on input and submissions from all stakeholders including you. To contribute to the Scent charter, follow us on Twitter ( or on Facebook ( to find calls for submission to the Scent Charter. Our aim is to capture the associations that you have with the project at any given time. The combination, recurrence and “weight” of words will undoubtedly ebb and flow at any given moment, so that the cloud as it appears today may be substantially different when viewed one week later.

To get the ball rolling, we present below our initial Scent Charter cloud.
We look forward to your input to shape the its next incarnation.

Scent Charter March 19th 2018

Game developers can now use Google Maps to build the next ‘Pokémon Go’, via Mashable

Karissa Bell in Mashable: With the new APIs, game developers are now able to use Google Maps data including 3D renderings of buildings, landmarks, and roads, to build location-based games.

Full article:

Scent Spotlight series – Athanasios Chaldeakis, Region of Attica

In today’s Spotlight feature, we are proud to present Scent partner Region of Attica and Athanasios Chaldeakis, Project Manager of Scent on behalf of Region of Attica.

Region of Attica is the regional authority governing the wider area of the Athens metropolis. Read more

Newsletter #1 – Summer 2017

Newsletter #1

Summer 2017


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688930.

Newsletter #2 – Autumn 2017

Newsletter #2

Autumn 2017


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 688930.

Scent Spotlight series – Harris Georgiou, Hellenic Rescue Team of Attica

We recently spoke to Harris Georgiou, volunteer with the Hellenic Rescue Team of Attica (HRTA).

HRTA is an independent non-profit organisation, a union of citizens and a community centre consisting entirely of volunteers who offer their time, expertise, knowledge and personal effort to assist fellow citizens in cases of emergency. Read more

Scent at SCI:COM 2017 in Dublin

Scent participated in SCI:COM, the largest science communication event in Ireland, on Thursday 7th December 2017.

This year, the focus of SCI:COM was on involvement and collaboration in research. The conference offered a full day of thought-provoking discussions and talks by inspirational speakers on engaging topics. Key questions included how to successfully work with the public, how to get new people on board and how to widen the engagement with communities we don’t currently reach. As Scent is all about involving citizens in science, SCI:COM was highly relevant to the project and offered new insights into citizen engagement strategies.    Read more

Science for the people, by the people

Scientists need the help of citizens in carrying out important research

In his Irish Times article of 7th December 2017, John Roche describes the power citizens have to contribute to advances in scientific knowledge and to democratise research. Roche, an Astrophysicist and Assistant Professor in Science Education at Trinity College Dublin, describes a new citizen science initiative between the Irish daily newspaper The Irish Times and citizen science researchers across Ireland. Read more

The Irish Times and citizen science

Over the next six months, the Irish daily newspaper the Irish Times will be promoting citizen science projects in Ireland by collaborating with citizen science researchers across the country. The aim is to raise awareness about citizen science among the public, to generate new ideas and to get citizens to participate actively.   Read more