New network of tiny satellites launched to photograph Earth daily

The most important component at the forefront of the Scent project will be YOU – the people, acting as the project’s eyes and ears through smartphones and other devices. This is citizen science. But for monitoring the environment, a lot of research is still being done with traditional machines. In space, that is.

On February 14th, California-based company Planet launched 88 shoebox-sized satellites which will be able to image every point of Earth’s landmass at intervals of 24 hours or less.

These satellites will allow geoscientists like Andreas Kääb of the University of Oslo to look for environmental clues to help prevent disasters. Higher resolution images provided Kääb with vital clues to predict a glacial collapse in Tibet.

To read the original article on Planet‘s new satellite system launch, click here.

To visit the Science Magazine website where the original article was published, click here.

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