2nd Scent Plenary Meeting in Rome

The Scent consortium gathered for its second plenary meeting in Rome 14-15 June 2017. The two-day plenary was attended by 24 partners representing all 10 partner organisations.
The agenda covered the progress made since the first plenary in Dublin in February and the current status of the key active tasks. The schedule allowed for informative presentations, interactive workshops as well as bilateral discussions between partners.

The plenary successfully brought the entire consortium up to date with the status of the project, the main developments over the last few months and the plan for the summer and autumn.

The Scent toolbox requirements and architecture were presented and the work done and the next steps on incentivising citizens’ participation in Scent were outlined. The innovative and portable sensors, drones and software solutions to be used in Scent were introduced and the development of the Scent crowd-sourcing platform was described. The progress of the work on the Scent Intelligence engine, including the collection of annotated images, was discussed in detail. The status and the future plans regarding the Scent hydrological and hydrodynamic models were also brought to light. The communication, dissemination and exploitation efforts designed to ensure impact were presented. In addition, a brainstorming session was organised to kick off the preparation of the pilot activities.

Thanks to Rovigo-based XTeam, the meeting was excellently organised, it ran smoothly and all partners were pleased with their stay in the Italian capital.

The close collaboration between partners will continue online until the next face-to-face meeting in Delft in autumn 2017.

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