IBM Research Haifa

Technical Coordinator – Scent Intelligence Engine


IBM R&D Labs in Israel
Haifa University Campus, Mount Carmel
Haifa, 3498825


IBM Research

The IBM Research Laboratory in Haifa, Israel opened in 1972 and has conducted decades of research that have been vital to IBM’s success. The lab’s activities involve advanced research and development under the guidance of the IBM Corporation’s Research Division. The IBM Haifa Research lab is the second largest of IBM’s twelve global research labs. IBM strives to lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics.

IBM participates in, and contributes heavily to the work of standards consortia, alliances, and formal national and international standards organisations. Throughout several decades, the group has worked on various computer vision problems, such as automated medical imaging diagnosis, handwriting recognition, and product placement inspection for supermarkets. Today the group specialises in developing state of the art technologies in the areas of 2D/3D computer vision, augmented reality and immersive telepresence.  The group has previous EU project experience in digitising cultural assets (IMPACT), research in immersive robotic telepresence (BEAMING) and usage of augmented reality for smart home energy awareness (IDEAS).

Role in the project

IBM’s role in the project is to lead the computer vision and analysis related aspects of the work package on the Scent intelligence engine. With many years of experience with technical project management and coordination, IBM will be the technical coordinator of the project. IBM’s team of experts will focus on developing existing technologies for natural outdoor scene recognition as well as new state of the art technologies for object recognition within scenes.