Dissemination and Exploitation


5 Northumberland Road
Dublin 4

Web: www.carrcommunications.ie
Twitter: @CarrCommsLTD


C.C.I.C.C., founded in 1973, is one of Ireland’s leading providers of dissemination, communications, exploitation, training and consultancy with over 30 full time and contract employees. The company currently provides dissemination and exploitation consultancy to a large number of private and public sector clients across Europe. The team at C.C.I.C.C. has extensive experience, understanding and qualifications in user requirements analysis, environmental protection, safety, and risk management from an operational perspective. They have also gained considerable expertise in developing and implementing communication and engagement programmes that seek to influence citizen/consumer behaviour. They have been involved in a large number of FP7 projects and are engaged in a number of H2020 projects and proposals.

C.C.I.C.C. works extensively in large communication contracts requiring strategy and policy dissemination to targeted audiences and the wider population. The company is also involved in the development of strategic management, communications and exploitation plans for a number of industrial, environmental, government and public sector clients, as well as the provision of training, consultancy and exploitation support needed to implement those plans.

Role in the project

As experts in achieving high impact communication and exploitation success, C.C.I.C.C. will lead the work package on communication, education and exploitation activities. In addition, they will lead key tasks dealing with incentivising citizens’ participation in Scent. Furthermore, they will contribute significantly to the research, design and implementation of the citizen engagement movement.